Lung Cancer Screening: Who Needs It?

Lung Cancer Screening: Who Needs It?

Michaela Straznika, MD discusses lung cancer, lung nodules and lung cancer screenings. Michaela Straznika, MD goes in depth on the different types of testing for lung cancer and what they are looking for,  fluid, chronic infection or congestive heart failure.

At, John Muir Health, high-risk patient have two options when it comes to lung cancer screening. Medicare patients that meet Center for Medicare Services (CMS) criteria are eligible for a low dose, non-contrast computerized tomogram (CT) scan at no charge. This is also a covered benefit for patients that have commercial insurance with out of pocket cost being determined by individual plan deductible . Patients that do not meet CMS criteria but may still be high risk may consider enrollment in the International Early Lung Cancer Action Project (I-ELCAP) clinical trial at John Muir Health. Individuals 40 to 80 with at least a 10-pack year smoking history or have a known exposure to radon gas, asbestos work exposure or have a primary relative diagnosed with lung cancer qualify for this study.

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Michaela Straznicka, M.D.

Michaela Straznicka, MD

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