ADA-friendly PDF: Directions: John Muir Medical Center, Concord

Directions: Petaluma to John Muir Medical Center, Concord

Coming from Petaluma:

  •       Stay straight to go onto Lakeville Hwy/CA-116. Continue to follow Lakeville Hwy.
  •       Turn left onto Sears Point Rd/CA-37E. Continue to follow CA-37 E.
  •       Merge onto I-80 W via exit 21A toward San Francisco
  •       Take the I-780 exit, exit 30A, toward Benicia/Martinez/I-680
  •       Keep left, and then straight to take ramp toward Benicia/Martinez
  •       Merge onto I-780 E toward Benicia/Martinez
  •       Take I-680 S.
  •       Merge onto CA-4 via exit 53 toward Antioch/Pittsburg
  •       Merge onto CA-242 S via exit 15A toward Oakland/Concord
  •       Take the Grant St. exit, exit 2, toward Solano Way
  •       Turn left onto Grant St., Grant St. becomes East St.
  •       John Muir Medical Center, Concord will be on your left


Estimated Drive times:

  •       Approximately 1 hour and 5 minutes